The MASQUERADE, shindig and
By: verge burgos

CARNIVAL-LIKE ATMOSPHERE FILLED THE AIR with the colorful indigenous costumes, rocky sounds from the drum-rolls, primeval chant and carribean-dance steps showcased in the streets in town that sunny day in the island of Sibuyan.

FOUR EXTRAVAGANT Tribes participated the Street-dance competition on the 27th of December 2006 in the beautiful town of Cajidiocan, Romblon.  In celebrating the annual fiesta and in commemorating the FEAST of Sta. Barbara.

Tribo STRIGO of Bgy. Sugod topped the competition spearheaded by their choreographer Mr. Ronald Rabino, showcasing uniqueness not only in their dance steps, endurance, musical effects and costume.

They never used modern or the usual tambol or drums, their instruments were made of Kawayan (bamboo), so you will hear a beautiful melody and harmony from the instruments used, it sounded like a flow of water from the streams or rivers…so beautiful”, Ms. Mag’s Roco-Street dance Coordinator stated.

The costumes they wore were painstakingly made by the barrio people of Sugod.  Also made-out of bagakay (small bamboo).  Tourist/guests from Germany were trying to ask if they could purchase all of those costumes.  But the participants refused to sell it because, according to them, they spent sleepless nights in weaving and completing the costumes.

As a panelist, I voted the TRIBE of STRIGO to win not just because of their uniqueness as a whole but I was totally impressed with the choreography they exhibited.  So neat, clean and graceful dance-steps.

The second place was awarded to the TRIBE OF RISESEAU.  Composed of the 4 zones of Poblacion, Riverside, Seaview, Sintures and United Purok.  The most applauded tribe because of their fabulous costumes, dance-steps variation and over-all impact.

TRIBO YOKOLEHI composed of Romblon State Colleges-Cansangil Branch exhibited a finesse execution of street dancers bagged the third place award.  All they need is to polish their choreography and more creative dance steps and variation to thrill the public.  They have potentials in winning next year though.

PORTERS Drive on the other hand never got the place, but they bewitched the viewers with a “boombastic” dance movements spearheaded by Pinit Riva (son of Uncle Harrison Riva) with a tandem with Nano Rojas (grandson of Lola Tibay). 

Innovation and artistic-wise PORTERS did well, they staged the real-life drama of M/V Mary the QUEEN’s arrival from Port Area of Manila to Sibuyan Island.  Unfortunately, their costumes were not so fascinating, lack of sophistication, and zest.  They appear so plain and very SEAVIEW looking.

THE FAIR in the morning of December 26 allured the people and Fiesta goers of Cajidiocan with a variety of tiangge and booth flocked in the Municipal Hall of Cajidiocan.


AGRO-FAIR a project of Cajidiocan Municipality in cooperation with the showcased the abundant harvest and delicate native products collected from all the barangays of the town.

World-class items for import/export where exhibited in the booth.  Ranges from the huge and well-decorated sea-shell, collectible items made of nito and etc.  Artistically and well-crafted bags, figurines, miniature and a lot more

Mrs. Heidee Rabino-the former Supervisor of DEPed- Sibuyan was there.  Mayor Athena Malapitan, Vice Mayor Nick Ramos, all the barangay chairmans. The teachers of Cajidiocan Central School spearheaded by the Principal- Dr. Rosario Burgos.  The casts of Sibuyan District Hospital Dr. Ramon Villanueva and wife Dr. Rhoda Villanueva. The government employees of the Municipality of Cajidiocan were there too.  My friends Sandra Rocero Arai and company , PO2 Edwin Alcuran of PNP, Harry Famero of CNHS, Eugene Dianco, Miss Pat of Odiongan Romblon and more


ON the EVENING of 28th was a dusk of tavern and glam. Community and guest were entertained with the Chubby Ladies competing in a beauty pageant entitled: Feeling Sexy 2006.  Fantabulous society graced the occasion.  The Guest Speaker and the coronator was the ex-Congressman Budoy Madrona. THE VIP’s Mayor of Magdiwang Uncle Baring Manzala was there.  My Starbucks “buddy” Jojo Beltran delivered a message expressing his dream in serving Romblon in the governor/congressman seat.  Salem Tansingco and wife Dr. Nanette Tansingco and company were also present.

The business tycoon of Magdiwang was there also.  Mr. Martin Gutierrez and friends who almost occupied half of the promenade.  Guest from New Zealand, Linda the gorgeous mestiza and Martin’s sons Kim and Neil grooved and danced all the night away.

Haut Monde-the webmaster, Mr. Bobit Tuyorada was so ravishing along with his friends from Federacion Org.  The Balikbayans from California, Uncle Toming Galang and son Ferdinand together with some of the GALANG’s.  Also spotted in the venue were the First Ladies of the Municipalities of Pangasinan and Cajidiocan.  Ms. Grace Ramos in fuchsia pink dress and Ms. Helen Royo Ramos in an evening suit.

Special events, parties, gatherings of our Kasimanawa’s in the the province of Romblon or in Manila are welcome to be published on this column.  You may contact the webmaster on his e-mail or get in touch with the Columnist to cover those significant events.

-         Watch out for the next highlights :  Valentines special feature :  Journey to the Romantic Islands of Pangasinan.  The NAKED Gallera / Enchanted Sibuyan : summer presents.   The FACE of Holy Week in my Hometown.  PARTIES and the HOTTIES and a lot more.

Mayor Langging Malapitan of Cajidiocan opened the celebration with a DIANA.  Musicians performing along the well-decorated streets at dawn with FIREWORKS display, painting the sky with sparklers, rockets and pyrotechny.

The competing entries were adjudged by the juror’s from local and international personalities. The panelist were composed of Balikbayans and local based Cajidiocanons: -Mr. Ferdinand Galang from USA, Sarah Calsado-Porras from United Kingdom;  Chief of Police Benson Pimentel of Sibuyan;  Mr. Rocero from Manila and Mr. Verge Burgos of Ortigas Center.
I was not able to visit all the booth, but the real fascinating experience of mine was the big rooster I saw and the huge egg I never imagined to see in my entire life.

I could never go into the details of the said BAZAAR-FAIR since the battery of my digicam was running out of power and I need to recharge it.

Diverse personalities from Sibuyan attended the said occasion. The respected couple of Cajidiocan Mr. Vic Romero and Mrs. Janice Romero.  My brother Joman was so glad to get a chance and see his Ninong Vic and Ninang Janice in the event.  My friend Jane Romero was there too who just came from her business trip from Japan.
Although they landed second place, but they wowed the audience with their magnificent performance.  A princess of the tribe portrayed by KEithlyn Famorcan (daughter of Engr. Federico and Ruby Famorcan) staged a graceful dance on top of Kawayan pole, wherein the people were impressed and delighted.

Gossips: the costume and some of the ideas staged by the performers were crafted from Bgy. Danao.  Nonetheless, I am congratulating the tribe and the Choreographer Jun-jun Regala for a fantastic performance and a well-applauded execution.
Manel Gutierres-Maca (former Miss Cajidiocan)-eldest daughter of Dr. Lalaine Gutierrez-Maca and Uncle Mabing Maca-SBM of Cajidiocan with friends were also savoring the evening with the R and B and Trance music until dawn. Kate Mortel and Guests from San Sebastian College, the towering heights of NCCA and VLeague, the good-looking and hunk Red Vicente and pretty Jinny Mondejar; Mr. Christian Ramilo and lovely sister’s Maze and Plong Ramilo; Mr. and Mrs. Lerma Uy the parents of Beverly Ann Uy (the reigning Miss Cajidiocan) were also there.  The first daughter Sari Malapitan in her 50’s era dress flanked with my sister Annie Jane Burgos in the 80’s top and skinny jeans.
I can’t recall all the names who attended the occasion.  Attendees in all walks of life from the crème a la crème, the cultured class and the common tao.  But one thing, I would love to say, the people who graced that occasion were all beautiful , gorgeous and fabulous!!! Mabuhay ang CAJIDIOCANON’s, mga SIBUYANON’s at ang buong Romblon!!!
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