Abok Case to be revived by kin

Richie Abok, daughter of Leonardo Abok, the deceased former employee of the Department of Agrarian Reform in Sibuyan Island, Romblon, is set to revive the case of her late father who was killed under mysterious circumstances while incarcerated and awaiting trial at the provincial jail in Romblon, Romblon as the principal suspect in the alleged murder of Gregorio Ramos, father of present Cajidiocan Mayor Nicasio Ramos.
Digging into records of the case, "Romblon Today" staff learned that prior to his death, Abok allegedly had a quarrel with the late Gregorio Ramos and the latter's bodyguard Leopoldo Hugo, now Barangay Chairman of Barangay Cambijang, Cajidiocan, Romblon regarding pieces of land allegedly belonging to the Ramos family which Abok was reportedly evaluating for coverage in land reform. On one occasion at the town plaza, Abok allegedly drew his gun and fired at Hugo but the gun misfired and Hugo fled.
Sometime later, the late Gregorio Ramos was shot and killed by an unknown assailant while allegedly attending a cara cruz game in the wake of the former Barangay Chairman Tinong Rabino of Cajidiocan, Romblon picked up by the police as a principal suspect in view of the murder.
It was while incarcerated at the Provincial Jail that Abok himself was killed also by an unknown assailants one afternoon on the way to a canteen to take his supper as he was gunned down by an unknown assailant who was never caught by the police.
Abok's daughter allegedly wants justice for her deceased father who was never convicted of the alleged crime imprinted to him. "Romblon Today" staff learned that some people have come up to divulge what they know and to assist her in re-opening the case. A former high provincial official disclosed that he overheared in his office at the provincial capitol the planned liquidation of Abok. It was alleged that the assailant of Abok could have been a hired gun from Iloilo.
Cambijang Barangay Chairman Hugo is reportedly a native of Iloilo Province.

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